Fire Bricks
Sold by the 1/2 or full ton (which equals more energy than a chord of chopped wood, and takes up less space!) Fire bricks are an excellent source of heat for your home. The bricks are made up of 100% recycled, kiln dried sawdust and offcuts compressed together with around 20,000psi of pressure. This amount of pressure literally squeezes the wood together into dense wood bricks, no binders or additives are used! This results in a 100% natural wood product, denser than chopped wood, and kiln dried so you're not receiving their weight in water.
  • Fire bricks are clean, uniform in size and bring no bugs, bark or dirt into your home. No chopping, stockpiling, or cutting is required.
  • Fire bricks are pre-packed in boxes that can be stored right in your house with little to no mess reducing your 'trips to the woodpile.'
  • Fire bricks burn hot and clean, keeping your chimney cleaner and heating system more efficient.
  • Feel good about burning a sustainable resource.